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GC9098 Silane


Typical Physical Properties

Chemical Name                  Diphenylsilanediol
Synonyms                       Dihydroxydiphenylsilane
Formula                         216.31
Color and Appearance             white needle crystallized powder
Density(ρ25)g/cm3                          0.87
Boiling Point                     353℃【760mmHg】
Flashing Point                    53℃
Melting Point                     120-125℃
Min.Purity                        98.0%
CAS No.                          947-42-2
EINECS No.                      213-427-4

Safety And Handling:

Chemicals should be used only by those trained in handling potentially hazardous materials. Rubber gloves, eye protection and protective clothing should be worn. Operations should be carried out in an efficient fume hood or equivalent system.
Store in tightly sealed containers in a cool ,dry,well-ventilated place.
Product reacts with water. Take precautions to avoid contact with atmospheric moisture.
Further detailed information can be found in the MSDS sheet.

Packing:in net weight 25kg kraft drum with UN approved standard.

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